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Delta County Ambulance District employees are a well trained and dedicated staff consisting of three different levels of pre-hospital EMS care, including basic life support (BLS) and advanced life support (ALS).  We have over 200 years of combined EMS experience ranging from the emergent 911incidents to critical care inter-facility transports.  Each staff member completes a system of skill competency exams, rigorous continuous annual education program, as well re-certification at each level every two to three years.  This is to ensure that all Delta County Ambulance District employees provide the most up to date assessments and treatments to their patients.  
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Medic NumberNameTitleEmail Address
Medic NumberNameTitleEmail Address
01 Kirby Clock Manager/Paramedic kclock@dcadems.com 
02 Troy Stumpf Paramedic/ Career tstumpf@dcadems.com 
03 Ben Mulhausen Paramedic/ Career bmulhausen@dcadems.com 
04 Reuben Farnsworth Paramedic/ Career rfarnsworth@dcadems.com 
05 Charles Hufman Paramedic/ Career chufman@dcadems.com 
06 Lawrence Bejarano Paramedic/ Career lbejarano@dcadems.com 
07 JoAnne Nakano Paramedic/ Career jnakano@dcadems.com 
08 Blake Kinser Paramedic/Career bdkinser@dcadems.com 
09 Nathan Sturchio Basic/ Career nsturchio@dcadems.com 
10 Bryan Kinser Basic/Career bkinser@dcadems.com 
11 Rhonda Boyd Paramedic/Career rboyd@dcadems.com 
12 Marvin Pemberton Intermediate/ Career mpemberton@dcadems.com 
13 Josh Solaas Basic/ Career jsolaas@dcadems.com 
14 Conrad Kropf Paramedic/Career ckropf@dcadems.com 
15 Erin Parham Basic/Career Eparham@dcadems.com 
16 Josh Pietak Basic/Career jpietak@dcadems.com 
17 Blake Kinser Paramedic/PRN Bdkinser@dcadems.com 
20 Fred Carson Basic/ PRN fcarson@dcadems.com 
21 Scott Myers Basic/ PRN smyers@dcadems.com 
23 Susan Martin Basic/ PRN smartin@dcadems.com 
24 Glenn Boyd Paramedic/ PRN gboyd@dcadems.com 
25 Larry Galloway Paramedic/PRN lgalloway@dcadems.com 
26 Robert Weisbaum Paramedic/PRN rweisbaum@dcadems.com 
28 Jordon Abeloe Basic/PRN Jabeloe@dcadems.com 
29 Cindy Owen Intermediate/PRN Cowen@dcadems.com 
30 Amber Yates Basic/PRN Ayates@dcadems.com 
31 Steve Jennings Basic/PRN sjennings@dcadems.com 
32 Leftrick Wear Paramedic/PRN Lware@dcadems.com 
33 Troye Floyd Intermediate/PRN Tfloyde@dcadems.com 
34 Chris Martin Basic/ PRN cmartin@dcadems.com 
35 Kade Knight Paramedic/PRN kknight@dcadems.com 
37 Derek Meeks Intermediate/PRN dmeeks@dcadems.com 
38 Kyle George Basic/PRN kgeorge@dcadems.com 
40 Colton Duran Basic/PRN cduran@dcadems.com 
45 Gynee Thomassen Admistrative Assistant gthomassen@dcadems.com 
Showing 35 items