Meet Your Medic




Critical Care Paramedic

Kirby is our District Manager and Chief. Kirby is a National Certified Paramedic as well as a Critical Care Paramedic (FP-C).


Kirby has been working in EMS for years 28 years. He started out as a volunteer EMT Basic for the North Fork Ambulance Association in 1991. He has also assumed the roles of Fireman, Lieutenant, and Captain at the Paonia Volunteer Fire Department. Kirby then came to work for the Delta Ambulance District in 1994 as an Intermediate EMT and then worked his way up to District Manager in 2011. He also works for Flight of the Rockies as a Flight Paramedic part-time since 2019. 


Kirby is very active as a baseball and basketball umpire, working for Delta-Montrose Basketball Officials Association and Rocky Mountain Athletic Conference for both the high school and college levels.


Kirby is an excellent leader and medic. We appreciate all the hard work he does for our district and community. His forward-thinking ideas have improved the quality of care for our patients and have made the district more efficient.




Critical Care Paramedic

Derek is one of Captains, a Nationally Certified Paramedic and a Critical Care Paramedic (FP-C).


Derek began his career in 2012 as a Basic EMT for Olathe Ambulance, and moved up to an Intermediate EMT in 2013. Derek stayed at that level for 6 years. He was hired on at DCAD in June of 2017 and obtained his Paramedic Certification in March of 2019. Derek became a Lieutenant  and then was promoted to Captain in January of 2019 .He obtained his Critical Care Paramedic (FP-C) in the fall of 2021. 

In his off time, Derek enjoys snowmobiling and spending time outdoors with his family and friends.


Derek oversees the supplies for the district and also commands the Explorer Program. This program is designed for High School students to help them learn about careers in healthcare and in the first responder fields. He has also worked as Wildland Fire Ambulance Personnel for wildland fires. He has also deployed with AMR to help other agencies across the nation during the COVID Pandemic.  He leads by example and is an excellent Captain to our crew. He works very hard to make sure things run smoothly with his quiet strength and leadership. Derek's experience in EMS is so valuable to both the crew and community. 






Full Time Paramedic

Charles is one of our Lieutenants. Charles is a National Certified Paramedic.

Charles started his EMS career in 1986 for the Costilla County Fire District. He was instrument in starting a quick response team for the towns of Blanca and Garland in Colorado. Once he moved to Delta, he began to work for Delta County Ambulance District in 1990, and has been working with us ever since. 


Charles is a very active mountain biker in his off time, riding trails in multiple states as well as competing in races. He also enjoys trains.

Charles is the head of our Continuing Education Department and Public Relations Committee. He works hard to make sure that we are able to do events for the community and to bring educations the public. He also works to make sure the crew has the ability to access as many educational opportunities both in house and out. This ensures we are able to provide the community with cutting edge health care. He has also worked as Wildland Fire Ambulance Personnel for wildland fires. Charles has a wealth of experience and is a wonderful asset to our crew. 





Full Time EMT-B

Steve is one of our Lieutenants and is a National Certified EMT.


Steve started his EMS career at Palisade Fire Department as a Firefighter/ EMT from 2006-2008. During that time he also worked for Delta Ambulance as a PRN from 2007-2010. Steve then became a Lieutenant at West Care Ambulance from 2007-2010. In 2008, he began working at Montrose Fire Department as a Firefighter/ EMT, where he also obtained his Firefighter II Certification. Steve is still currently working there as a Reserve. In 2008-2015 Steve became the Operations Manager for TransCare. He then began to work at Montrose ER as a Tech from 2015-2019. He then came to work with us at Delta Ambulance again in July 2017, where he has worked up to becoming our Lieutenant. In addition to this valuable work experience, Steve also has worked for many EMS organizations in the western slope. He has been President of the Board for the Western Regional Occupant Safety Coalition, WRETAC ADHOC member, Montrose County EMS Council, and Regional Medical Director Group.


Steve has a great family and enjoys traveling with them and supporting his kids in all their sporting events.


As Lieutenant, Steve helps his Captain with keeping our medical supplies updated and stocked for all the crews at both stations. Steve also helps run the Explorer Post for our high school students. He has also worked as Wildland Fire Ambulance Personnel for wildland fires. He has also deployed with AMR to help other agencies across the nation during the COVID Pandemic.   Steve not only makes the job look easy from his years of experience, but he also makes time to help anyone with anything they may need along the way. His experience makes him a valuable asset to our crews as well as a supportive leader. 

Bryan Kinser


Full-Time EMT-B

Bryan is a Colorado State Certified EMT-Basic.


Bryan has been with Delta County Ambulance District since 2000 as a PRN and then became a full time medic in 2010.

Bryan enjoys spending time with his family and friends. He loves hunting, fishing, archery and kayaking. He also enjoys cooking and reading. 


Bryan is very active on our PR committee and helps with the maintenance of our ambulances. Bryan is also an EMT-B Instructor at Technical School of the Rockies for the EMT program. Bryan is the definition of a great Team Player. He is a very strong Basic, with his years of experience, he is the type of partner any ALS provider would love to have at their side.  His strong work ethic, kindness and dedication makes him an asset to our team. 



Full-Time Critical Care Paramedic

Ben is a Nationally Certified Paramedic and a Critical Care Paramedic (FC-P).


  Ben started with Delta County Ambulance District in 2008 as a Basic EMT and then in 2011 became a Paramedic. In 2019, Ben obtained his Critical Care Paramedic Certification. Ben also works a few times a year in Mandaree, North Dakota for their EMS service and for the Crested Butte Fire Protection District, when they are short staffed or need extra help for special events. 

Ben enjoys spending time with family. He loves to travel, golf, to try new experiences and adventures.


Ben is always there to help out in any way he can for any of his crew members. He has also had the opportunity to work special events that need EMS help, such as Burning Man. He has also deployed with AMR to help other agencies across the nation, as well as with vaccinations, during the COVID Pandemic. He has worked as Wildland Fire Ambulance Personnel for wildland fires. His sense of humor makes him a fun and refreshing partner to work with. His experience, commitment

and strong work ethic makes him a valuable asset to our crew.



Full-Time Paramedic

Marvin is a Nationally Certified Paramedic.


Marvin has been with Delta County Ambulance District since 2010. Marvin started working as a Basic PRN and then came on full-time in 2012. He became a Paramedic in 2019. 


Marvin enjoys


He had the privilege to go through paramedic school with his daughter Rachel Pemberton.

We all enjoy working with such a genuine medic, to both his patients and the entire crew. And we especially all love how he can always be won over with a bowl of ice cream!

You're a true asset to our crew!



Full-Time EMT-B

Licensed Practical Nurse

Eric is a Nationally Certified EMT-B and a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN). 



Full-Time EMT-B

Leftrick is a Nationally Certified EMT-B.



Part-Time EMT-B

Velma is a Nationally Certified EMT-B.


Velma has been one of our PRNs since 2019.   This is her first EMT job. She has worked in the medical field as a CNA for the past 20 years.

Velma has 4 girls and 2 grandkids. Her and her husband were also foster parents for 3 other kids at one time, which she loved. Velma has



Full-Time Paramedic

Community Paramedic

Mychaela is a Nationally Certified Paramedic and Community Paramedic.

Mychaela started her career as a first responder for Plateau Valley Fire Protection District from 2013, her Senior year of High School, to 2018.  She then became an EMT in 2015. She worked at Gateway Fire from 2015-2017. She got her Paramedic Certification in 2017. Mychaela then came to work at Delta County Ambulance District as a PRN in 2017. She moved to Perham, MN and worked for Perham EMS from 2018-2020, and Detroit Lakes EMS from 2019-2020. During this period, she also worked PRN for White Shield EMS in ND in 2019. She remained as a PRN and would come back to work when she was in town to visit her family. She obtained her Community Paramedic Certification in 2020. Mychaela then took a full-time position with Delta County Ambulance District in 2021. 

Mychaela enjoys hunting, fishing, traveling and camping with her dog Sadie. 

Mychaela brings a refreshing energy to our crew. Her smile is contagious and she relates well to patients, which helps to put them at ease.  She has deployed as a Single Resource Medic and with AMR to help with vaccinations and other EMS agencies during the COVID Pandemic.  Her enthusiasm for EMS will take her far in this field and we look forward to seeing her advancement. 



Part-Time Critical Care Paramedic

Tyrell is a Nationally Certified Paramedic and Critical Care Paramedic (FP-C). 

Ty started his career in EMS as a volunteer driver for the North Fork Ambulance Association and obtained his EMT Certification while still in High School.  He got his Paramedic Certification in 2017 and then came to Delta County Ambulance District in 2018 as a PRN.  That same year, he graduated from the University of New Mexico with a bachelors degree in EMS.  In 2019, Tyrell got his Critical Care Certification.  Tyrell still volunteers his time for North Fork Ambulance as well as working for the Paonia Fire Department.  

In his free time, Tyrell enjoys spending time with his family, camping and riding horses.

Tyrell brings a lot of experience from working in various states and for numerous agencies. His enthusiasm, energy and excitement for this career is contagious.   He also is workings for Crested Butte Fire Protection District, he works as a tech in the Emergency Department at Delta Health, and as an EMS instructor at the Technical School of the Rockies.  He frequently goes out on wildland fire and medical deployments for DCAD and is one of our in house ACLS, PALS and CPR instructors. Tyrell has also gone on some FEMA / AMR deployments to help with the COVID Pandemic in some areas across the country.  He is working on his next goal of becoming a Physicians Assistant. 



Part-Time EMT-B

Registered Nurse

Colton is one of our valued EMT Basics. He also part of our Critical Care Team with his nursing degree. He has been with Delta County Ambulance District since 2016.


Colton used to work as a coal miner for 10 years before starting his medical career. He joined the Delta Volunteer Fire Department in 2015. He then decided to obtain his EMT Certification that same year. At the same time, Colton also finished his Licensed Practical Nursing (LPN) degree. He also worked at Montrose County Jail for about a year helping with the inmates medical needs. Colton then also began to work as an Emergency Room Tech, where he has also been working for the past 5 years.


Colton recently graduated from CMU with a Bachelors in Nursing Science and obtained his nursing license!!! A huge accomplishment and goal met!

He also is a part of our PR committee, where he plays an active roll in all our events.


Colton loves to spend time with his daughter and enjoys the outdoors with her. They love to fish, hike, and dirt bike.



Clinical/ Operational Coordinator

 Critical Care Paramedic

Community Paramedic

Slim has been with DCAD for almost 8 years. Slim is the Education Coordinator and a Field Training Officer. Slim is a Nationally Registered Paramedic and a Certified Critical Care Paramedic.



Full-Time EMT-B

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Part-Time EMT-B

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Part-Time EMT-B

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Part-Time EMT-I

Mariah is one of our valuable and appreciated PRN’s. She also works at Olathe Ambulance. Mariah has advanced from the basic level to the intermediate level in less than a year. She is one of the kindest and most compassionate people we know. We all enjoy working with her and her patients respond to her sincere warmth.



Full-Time Paramedic

Troy's Bio coming soon.




Critical Care Paramedic

Troy is one of our Captains , a National Certified Paramedic and a Critical Care Paramedic (FP-C).

Troy began his EMS career as a Basic EMT in Iowa in 1999. By 1995, he had worked his way up to Paramedic. When he moved to Cedaredge Colorado, he began to work for Cedaredge Ambulance from 1996-1998. He then worked as a PRN for Delta County Ambulance District in 1998 and rolled into a full-time position in 2003. He became a Captain at the beginning of 2019. Troy then obtained his certification as a Critical Care Medic the summer of 2019.


Troy loves to hunt and fish with family and friends in his off time.


Troy is in charge of the Public Relations Committee and for the Trainings for all the staff. He has also helped in working as Wildland Fire Ambulance Personnel for Wildland fires. Troy is an excellent leader and Captain for our crew. He works tirelessly to improve the District and improve the quality of care for our community. Troy’s experience in EMS is invaluable!




Critical Care Paramedic

Conrad is one of our Captains, a National Certified Paramedic and a Critical Care Paramedic (FP-C).


Conrad began his career as an EMT- Basic for the Northfork Ambulance and then came to work for Delta County Ambulance District in December of 2012. Conrad made the leap from the Basic level up to Paramedic in 2017. Conrad then obtained his Critical Care Certification in 2018. He was then promoted to Captain in January 2019. 


Conrad has a great family and enjoys the outdoors in hunting, fishing, and farming, in addition to his coffee!

Conrad is responsible Vehicle, Building, and Ground Maintenance for both of our stations, all of which are huge tasks. Conrad makes the job always look easy, although not many could fill his shoes. He also has worked as Wildland Fire Ambulance Personnel for wildland fires. Conrad is a fantastic leader, medic, and a huge asset to our crew.






Full Time EMT-I

Josh is one of our Lieutenants and a State Certified EMT-I.


Josh began his career at Delta Ambulance in November of 2015 as an EMT-B. He then obtained his Intermediate Certification in March of 2018. He was promoted to Lieutenant in August of 2019. As a Lieutenant.


Josh has a great wife and enjoys the outdoors and travel.


Josh is responsible for ambulance and building maintenance, which requires someone who is a hard worker and very detail-oriented. Josh also updated our FTO program to a new standard for our new hires, as well as a standard for the crews to meet yearly.  He has also deployed as Wildland Fire Ambulance Personnel for wildland fires. Josh is part of the PR committee and helped to update our booth for community events. Josh goes above and beyond to make sure the crews have a safe and reliable environment. 



Full-Time Paramedic

Bryan is one of our  Nationally Certified Paramedics.


Bryan has been in EMS since he was 16. He started out as a volunteer EMT/FF in rural Pennsylvania. He continued in EMS and advanced to Paramedic while living in Florida. After graduation, he began to work in EMS full time. Since the late 1980's, he has worked in many facets of EMS from small rural volunteer fire departments to large urban prehospital systems, as well as major urban trauma centers and the jungles of the South Pacific. Bryan was a medic on a response team to Hurricane Andrew in Florida. He worked as a flight medic in Florida and subsequently in western Colorado. While in that role, he provided flight medical coverage during the Olympics and Paralympics in Salt Lake City, UT.  Bryan has been a set medic on multiple movies and TV series productions, as well as several recent apex pelagic predator productions for Discovery Channel and National Geographic.  Bryan works as a COVID compliance Officer for TV shows on the Food Network.  He has been a member of SWAT teams and dive teams for local law enforcement organizations. He started working at Delta Ambulance in 2018.

In his off time, he enjoys many aspects of the outdoors including hunting, mountain biking, camping, hiking and fly-fishing.  He guides fishing trips on his local waters. He volunteers as a hunting mentor/escort for a wounded veteran group helping warriors to enjoy the outdoors with fellowship and healing. Bryan has a young Golden Retriever names Drake, who accompanies him whenever and wherever possible.


Bryan has served in many positions including front line solo medical provision in austere settings , as well as leadership and preceptorship roles throughout the United States.  He was a member of several Disaster Medical Assistance Teams (DMATs) and a specialized group within those teams, the National Medical Response Team for chem/bio national responses to threats and terror incidents. He was a member of a All Terrrain Medical Unit that utilizes specialty bicycle teams to respond to large sporting venues and mass gatherings.  He has edited several medical texts and taught several thousand students in the medical profession. Bryans extensive experience makes each and everyone of us better medics. He is asset to our community to more than just our patients. He is always happy to help teach those that want to learn and become better caregivers. 



Full-Time Paramedic

Blake is one of our National Certified Paramedics.


 Blake got his Basic EMT certification in 2002 and ran with Paonia Ambulance in the North Fork. He also worked at Bowie Mine at that time where he also worked as an EMT for 15 years. After Bowie closed its doors, Blake came to work for Delta Ambulance as a PRN in 2015. During this time, he went back to school to obtain his Paramedic Certification in 2017. Blake also has been on Paonia Fire Department for 18 years now and holds the rank of Lieutenant.


Blake loves to spend time with his wife and kids when he’s not working.

Blake is very active with our PR Team as well. He teaches EMT-B  classes at the Technical College of the Rockies. Blake is a BLS Instructor and a Training Center Faculty for AHA. He is currently working on becoming a Radio Programmer.  He has also worked as Wildland Fire Ambulance Personnel for wildland fires. Blake’s experience makes him an asset to our crew. His compassion makes him a outstanding medic. 



Full-Time EMT-B

Officers Assistant

Erin is a State Certified EMT-Basic. 


Erin started working for Delta County Ambulance District in 2008 as a PRN and then became a full-time medic in 2011. She obtained her Basic Certification in 2001 as a senior in High School. She volunteered with Olathe Ambulance and has worked at both Delta Health and Montrose Memorial Hospitals in their Emergency Departments as a tech. She was also a phlebotomist at MMH for 8 years working in the lab. 


Erin loves spending time with her family. She enjoys travel and trying new experiences and adventures. 


Erin is very active on the PR Committee and is Chairman of the Explorers Program for High School students. She also works directly with the Chief, Captains and Lieutenants for special projects. She is a very strong medic from her years of experience. She is organized, flexible and willing to take on any challenge that comes her way. Her work ethic, commitment and kindness make her an asset to our crew.



Full-Time Paramedic

Community Paramedic

Licensed Practical Nurse

Rachel is a Nationally Certified Paramedic, a Community Paramedic and a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN),


Rachel started her career when she joined the Explorer Program ,with Delta Ambulance, when she was 16. Her interest for EMS started due to being exposed to it by her dad, Marvin Pemberton who is one of our Paramedics here at DCAD. She started volunteering with North Fork Ambulance Association as a driver in 2014.  In 2015, she got her EMT-B Certification. She went to nursing school and got her LPN license in 2017. She worked in both the hospital atmosphere and in Nursing homes as a CNA and LPN.  Rachel then started to work Delta County Ambulance District as a PRN and shortly thereafter became Full-Time in 2018. In 2019, she got her Paramedic Certification. She has recently obtained her Community Paramedic endorsement in 2021.

Rachel enjoys reading, baking and spending time with friends and family. She loves to be outdoors and go camping, hiking and fishing also.

 Rachel continues to give back to our community by giving of her time to help others in as many ways as she can. She works at Delta Health in the Emergency Department as an ER Tech, which she has been doing since 2015. She also volunteers with Olathe Fire Protection District in an EMS role. She has taken her experience from being an Explorer student in high school, to now becoming one of our Explorer Leaders, and helping to teach and expose kids who have an interest in the Emergency First Responder fields, to learn what this career entails.

 She was able enjoy the privilege of going to Paramedic school with her dad, Marvin Pemberton, which was a  special experience for both of them. She is currently working to reach her next goal of obtaining her Critical Care Paramedic Certification (FP-C) Rachels genuine kindness reaches out to all her patients, community and peers. We are grateful to have such a dedicated medic.



Administrative Assistant


Gynee is the Administrative Assistant for Delta County Ambulance District and also is a Nationally Certified EMT-B.

Gynee has been with Delta County Ambulance District since 2016. Gynee and her husband Scott owned Classic Computers, a computer retail and repair store, for 22 years.  She obtained her EMT-B Certification in 2018. 


Gynee enjoys crafts, ATVing, spending time with her grandkids and cooking. 


Gynee is more than just an Administrative Assistant. She wears many hats in her position including Payroll, Human Resources , Accounts Payable, and Secretary for the Board of Directors. She also helps to write Grants for the company, to help obtain vital supplies and equipment that are needed to operate.  Gynee is active on our PR Committe and is also one of our CPR Instructors. Her life experiences have made her a valuable CPR Instructor in showing that CPR does save lives. She is also a Trustee on the Board of Orchard City.  Her strong work ethic and commitment make her a valuable asset to our crew and community.



Part-Time EMT-B

Robin is a Nationally Certified EMT-B.



Full-Time Critical Care Paramedic

Lawrence is a Nationally Certified Paramedic and a Critical Care Paramedic (FP-C).



Part-Time EMT-B

Tiffany is a Nationally Certified EMT-B.




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Part-Time EMT-B

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Part-Time Paramedic

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Part-Time Critical Care Paramedic

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Part-Time EMT-B

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Part-Time Paramedic

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