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Kirby is our District Manager and Chief. Kirby is also a National Certified Critical Care Flight Paramedic.

Kirby has been working in EMS for years 28 years. He started out as a volunteer EMT Basic for the North Fork Ambulance Association in 1991. He has also assumed the roles of Fireman, Lieutenant, and Captain at the Paonia Volunteer Fire Department. Kirby then came to work for the Delta Ambulance District in 1994 as an Intermediate EMT and then worked his way up to District Manager in 2011.

Kirby is very active as a baseball and basketball umpire, working for Delta-Montrose Basketball Officials Association and Rocky Mountain Athletic Conference for both the high school and college levels.

Kirby is an excellent leader and medic. We appreciate all the hard work he does for our district and community. His forward-thinking ideas have improved the quality of care for our patients and have made the district more efficient.



Derek is a Nationally Certified Paramedic and one of our Lieutenants. Derek began his career in 2012 as a Basic EMT and moved up to an Intermediate EMT in 2013. Derek stayed at that level for 6 years. He got hired on at DCAD in June of 2017 and obtained his Paramedic Certification in March of 2019. Derek became a Lieutenant in January of 2019 and is in charge of Supplies for the district. Derek has to make sure all 6 of our ambulances are equipped with all supplies necessary and that we have extras at both stations for restock. No easy task to keep track of, as we go through supplies quickly on a daily basis! Derek is also the leader of our Explorer Program, designed for high school students to help them learn about careers in healthcare and in the first responder fields.




Charles is one of our Lieutenants. Charles is a National Certified Paramedic and is also the head of our Continuing Education Department and Public Relations Committee.

Charles has a wealth of experience as he has been working in EMS since 1986. Charles began working at Delta Ambulance in 1990 and has been with us ever since.

Charles is a very active mountain biker in his off time, riding trails in multiple states as well as competing in races.

Charles is an excellent medic and a wonderful asset to our crew. We appreciate all of the hard work he does to make sure we all are able to keep up with the required certification hours as well as other educational opportunities to keep up with the latest in medicine. He also works hard at making sure we are able to do events for the community, everything from talking with preschoolers to bigger events such as Deltarado days, Heritage Days, Apple Festival and much much more.




Steve is one of our Lieutenants and is a Basic EMT. Steve started his EMS career at Palisade Fire Department as a Firefighter/ EMT from 2006-2008. During that time he also worked for Delta Ambulance as a PRN from 2007-2010. Steve then became a Lieutenant at West Care Ambulance from 2007-2010. In 2008, Steve began working at Montrose Fire Department as a Firefighter/ EMT, where he also obtained his Firefighter II Certification. Steve is still currently working there as a Reserve. Also in 2008-2015 Steve became the Operations Manager for TransCare. He then began to work at Montrose ER as a Tech from 2015-2019. He then came to work with us at Delta Ambulance again in July 2017, where he has worked up to becoming our Lieutenant. In addition to this valuable work experience, Steve also has worked for many EMS organizations in the western slope. He has been President of the Board for the Western Regional Occupant Safety Coalition, WRETAC ADHOC member, Montrose County EMS Council, and Regional Medical Director Group. As Lieutenant, Steve helps his Captain with keeping our medical supplies updated and stocked for all the crews at both stations. Steve also helps run the Explorer Post for our high school students. Steve not only makes the job look easy from his years of experience, but he also makes time to help anyone with anything they may need along the way. Steve has a great family and enjoys traveling with them and supporting his kids in all their sporting events. Steve is a fantastic leader, EMT, and a valuable asset to our crew.

Bryan Kinser



Bryan has been with Delta County Ambulance District since 2010. Bryan is the definition of a great Team Player.

He is a very strong Basic, with his years of experience, he is the type of partner any ALS provider would love to have at their side. Bryan is very active on our PR committee and is one of the guys who helps create our awesome Cancer Awareness shirts every fall!

We are grateful to have such a kind and dedicated medic. His strong work ethic makes him an asset to our team. Thank you Bryan!



Ben has been with Delta County Ambulance District since 2008. He is always there to help out in any way he can for any of his crew members.

He is one of our Critical Care Paramedics. Ben also enjoys helping other EMS agencies when he can. He has had the opportunity to work for special events that need EMS help, such as Burning Man, as well as the Wildland Fires of 2018.

His sense of humor makes him a fun and refreshing partner to work with. Thank you for your years of dedication. Your experience and strong work ethic make you an asset to our team! Thank you Ben.



Jo Anne is one of our Critical Care Paramedics and has been with Delta Ambulance since October 2001.

Jo Anne began her in 1997 as a First Responder. She then obtained her Basic Certification in 1998 and moved up to Intermediate in 2001. She again then went back to school to get her Paramedic Certification in 2009. In 2017 she obtained her Critical Care Paramedic Certification.


Jo Anne is an active volunteer with DeltaCounty Search and Rescue for the past 5 years. She has volunteered for the Health Fair doing blood draws for the past 17 years. She is also one of our CPR Instructors. She has received numerous awards throughout her career including EMT of the Year twice!


Jo Anne truly goes the extra mile to help anyone she comes in contact with. She has a desire to continue learning and is a great example showing everyone you never have to stop learning, studying, and bettering yourself for the benefit of yourself and our community. She’s truly an asset to our crew.



Rachel has been with Delta County Ambulance District since 2018. Rachel is such a compassionate person and excellent with her patients.

She has worked from the Basic level to the Paramedic level since being here, which she has excelled in. She was able to go to Paramedic school with her dad, Marvin Pemberton, which was a very special experience for both of them.

She was also one of our Explorer Leaders this year. She was one of our original Explorer Students a few years back, and that led to her working here with us! The kids loved working with her and she was an excellent teacher along the way to them.

We are grateful to have such a dedicated and kind medic. We all love working with her!



Troy is one of our Captains and a National Certified Critical Care Flight Paramedic.

Troy began his EMS career as a Basic in 1991 in Iowa. By 1995, he had worked his way up to Paramedic. When he moved to Cedaredge Colorado, he began to work for Cedaredge Ambulance from 1996-1998. He then worked as a PRN for Delta County Ambulance District in 1998 and rolled into a full-time position in 2003. He became a Captain at the beginning of 2019. Troy then obtained his certification as a Critical Care Medic this past summer.

Troy loves to hunt and fish with family and friends in his off time.

Troy is an excellent leader and Captain for our crew. As a captain, he is in charge of the Public Relations committee. He works tirelessly to improve the District and improve the quality of care for our community. Troy’s experience in EMS is invaluable!




Conrad is one of our Captains and a Critical Care Paramedic. Conrad began his career as an EMT- Basic for the Northfork Ambulance and began to work for Delta County Ambulance District in December of 2012. Conrad made the leap from the Basic level up to Paramedic in 2017. Conrad then obtained his Critical Care Certification in 2018. He was then promoted to Captain in January 2019. As Captain, Conrad is responsible for 3 crews on his shift and also helps with Vehicle, Building, and Ground Maintenance for both of our stations, all of which are huge tasks. Conrad makes the job always look easy, although not many could fill his shoes. Conrad has a great family and enjoys the outdoors in hunting, fishing, and farming, in addition to his coffee! Conrad is a fantastic leader, medic, and a huge asset to our crew. Thank you for all that you do and continue to do for our crew and patients.




Josh is one of our Lieutenants and EMT-I. Josh began his career at Delta Ambulance in November of 2015 as an EMT-B. He then worked and obtained his Intermediate Certification in March of 2018. He was promoted to Lieutenant in August of 2019. As a Lieutenant, Josh is responsible for ambulance and building maintenance, which requires someone who is a hard worker and very detail-oriented. Josh has also worked hard and updated our FTO program to a new incredible standard for our new hires. Josh also is part of the PR committee and helped put together a great booth for community events. Josh has a great wife and enjoys the outdoors and travel, as he just returned from Japan recently. Josh is a fantastic medic, leader, and asset to our crew. Thank you for all you do and continue to do!




Bryan's Bio coming soon.




Blake is one of our Paramedics and is been with Delta County Ambulance District since November 2015. Blake got his Basic EMT certification in 2002 and ran with Paonia Ambulance in the North Fork. He also worked at Bowie mine at that time where he also worked as an EMT for 15 years. After Bowie closed its doors, Blake came to work for Delta Ambulance as a PRN. During this time, he went back to school to obtain his Paramedic Certification in 2017. Blake is very active with our PR Team as well. Blake has been on Paonia Fire Department for 18 years now and holds the rank of Lieutenant. He has helped teach many EMT classes alongside his father, Richard Kinser, and brother Bryan Kinser, who also works at DCAD. Blake still teaches EMT classes along with CPR and First Aid. Blake loves to spend time with his wife and kids when he’s not working. Blake credits his family's support to the reason he is able to do this job and get through Paramedic school. Blake would also like to thank his DCAD family for all their help and support along his journey to a paramedic. Blake’s experience makes him a true asset to our crew. 



Marvin has been with Delta County Ambulance District since 2010. Marvin recently obtained his Paramedic Certification. He had the privilege to go through paramedic school with his daughter Rachel Pemberton.

We all enjoy working with such a genuine medic, to both his patients and the entire crew. And we especially all love how he can always be won over with a bowl of ice cream!

You're a true asset to our crew!



Velma is a new PRN with us. She is an EMT-B. She obtained her certification in January of 2018. This is her first EMT job.

Velma is from Delta, Co and has lived in numerous states due to her husband’s employment but is now back home to stay!

Velma has 4 girls and 2 grandkids. Her and her husband were also foster parents for 3 other kids at one time, which she loved. Velma has worked medical field for 20 yrs as a CNA.

Welcome and we are excited to have you join our crew!



Colton is one of our valued EMT Basics. He also part of our Critical Care Team with his nursing degree. He has been with Delta County Ambulance District since 2016.


Colton used to work as a coal miner for 10 years before starting his medical career. He joined the Delta Volunteer Fire Department in 2015. He then decided to obtain his EMT Certification that same year. At the same time, Colton also finished his Licensed Practical Nursing (LPN) degree. He also worked at Montrose County Jail for about a year helping with the inmates medical needs. Colton then also began to work as an Emergency Room Tech, where he has also been working for the past 5 years.


Colton recently graduated from CMU with a Bachelors in Nursing Science and obtained his nursing license!!! A huge accomplishment and goal met!

He also is a part of our PR committee, where he plays an active roll in all our events.


Colton loves to spend time with his daughter and enjoys the outdoors with her. They love to fish, hike, and dirt bike.



Slim has been with DCAD for almost 8 years. Slim is the Education Coordinator and a Field Training Officer. Slim is a Nationally Registered Paramedic and a Certified Critical Care Paramedic.



Mariah is one of our valuable and appreciated PRN’s. She also works at Olathe Ambulance. Mariah has advanced from the basic level to the intermediate level in less than a year. She is one of the kindest and most compassionate people we know. We all enjoy working with her and her patients respond to her sincere warmth.

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