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Welcome to the Delta County Ambulance District, where our highly trained and dedicated team boasts over 200 years of combined experience in pre-hospital EMS care. From basic life support (BLS) to advanced life support (ALS), we excel in responding to 911 emergencies and conducting critical care inter-facility transports. The cornerstone of our success is our unwavering commitment to continuous training, which enables us to stay current with the latest medical practices and technologies. This not only enhances our medics' skills and patient outcomes but also equips them with essential coping mechanisms to prevent burnout and ensures compliance with evolving regulations and standards of care.


At Delta County Ambulance District, we are a dedicated to serving our community with the highest level of care . Our commitment to ongoing training ensures that we provide that care, while maintaining our professional certifications. Scroll through our website to discover more about our services, our passionate team, and how our continuous training translates into exceptional care when you need it most.


The Red Card Agility Test represents a meticulously crafted benchmark in physical fitness assessment, tailored specifically for firefighters and medics. This test is given once a year.


At the heart of this comprehensive evaluation lies the Walk Test, an integral component of the Red Card Agility Test. This pivotal examination presents candidates with a formidable challenge: carrying a 45lb pack through rugged terrains, conquering a demanding 3-mile course, all while striving to complete it within a mere 45 minutes. This is no ordinary stroll; it is a rigorous assessment of a medic's physical fortitude and endurance, meticulously designed to ensure their readiness for the relentless demands of wildland medical emergency response.


At Delta County Ambulance District (DCAD), we recognize that airway and MAI (Medical Airway Intervention) management stands as more than just a crucial component; it is the very lifeline of our education and training program. Our approach is both comprehensive and multidimensional, delving deep into the intricate anatomy and physiology of the airway, the nuanced indications and contraindications for intubations, and the precise steps that underpin successful procedures.


In our commitment to excellence, we offer ongoing training that immerses our medics in a diverse range of airway and intubation equipment, ensuring they remain proficient with the latest tools and knowledge available. Our training programs also provide a comprehensive understanding of the medications employed to facilitate intubations, encompassing sedatives, analgesics, and neuromuscular blocking agents, including their precise indications and dosages.


In the high-stress, high-stakes realm of medical emergency response, this training is indispensable. It empowers our medics with the knowledge and skills necessary to swiftly recognize and effectively manage patients facing airway emergencies, ultimately resulting in lives saved and the highest level of care provided.


At DCAD, we hold an unwavering commitment to elevating pediatric care, recognizing that the smallest patients deserve the biggest expertise. Our crew members undergo relentless training, constantly fine-tuning their skills and staying ahead with the latest equipment and procedures, all under the guidance of our on-duty COPECCs (Colorado Pediatric Emergency Care Coordinators).


Our program is designed to provide a comprehensive learning experience with class lectures, live demonstrations, hands-on training, and immersive simulations. The information imparted is not static; it's a dynamic reflection of the ever-evolving field of pediatric care, continuously updated to incorporate the latest advancements.


This training  equips our medics with the knowledge and skills essential for delivering high-quality care to pediatric patients in the most challenging emergency situations. 

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